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                                                                         THE SERENGETI PLAINS.

Serengeti National Park is the largest national park in the Northern Tanzania. The protected area itself covers 14,763 kilometer squares, and it is located entirely in the Eastern part of Mara region and North East of simiyu Region. The beautiful Serengeti National park hosts the second largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world making it the ten natural travel in in the world and one of the seven natural wonder of Africa. Serengeti has some of the finest game drive areas among other national parks in Tanzania.

  The name Serengeti is said to be derived from the Maasai language ‘seringit’ meaning endless plains. It was among the first places to be proposed as a world heritage site by the UNESCO in 1972 and formally established in 1981.Serengeti conferred its protected area status in 1940 and it got gazetted in 1951.

In the 20 century the government resettled the Maasai pastoralist community to Ngorongoro conservation Area After the area got gazetted and recognized as the national park then the communities that lived inside the park had to be moved so they separate the Ngorongoro area and allowed the Maasai community to live in there with their cattle’s and graze around Ngorongoro but not within the Serengeti boundaries.

Serengeti national park is now recognized with its unique ecosystem with diversity of species on it .weather you are looking for big cats, big animals, birds or even smaller creatures always Serengeti delivers them all. The Serengeti national park worldwide is known for its largest concentration of predators. Now days most visitors come to Serengeti just to witness the wildebeest migrations only but once at Serengeti tavellers need to be looking beyond the immense spectacle and enjoy the plains and visit several other attractions inside the Serengeti national park.

Wildlife at Serengeti.

The Serengeti national park has a lot of animals with all kinds of behaviors both big and small aquatic and terrestrial animals and all this animals habituating on their favorable habitats in the woodlands and riverine forest and so many other habitats that this protected area offers.


Some of the big mammals that can be found at Serengeti are like; million Wildebeest, Zebras, Thomson and Grants gazelles, Oryx, Topi, Impala, Stein buck, Dikdik, Elephants, Hippotamus, Buffalo, Giraffes, Water buck, Bohor reedbuck, Warthogs, Roan antelopes, Oribi, Greater kudu and the Grey duikers.


The small mammals are like the Mongoose, shrews, tree Hyrax and the Rodents.

The predators that are found at Serengeti national park are the Lions, Leopards You can visit Serengeti National park at any time of the year and you will surely be surprised for the plains of Serengeti never disappoints.

Campsites at Serengeti.

Serengeti national park has eight public campsite and one resting house .there are also several private lodges and tented campsite that accommodates visitors once they choose to spend a night inside the park. This campsites get overcrowded in high seasons. Some of the public campsite that you may want to spend your nights at are;

Nyani campsite.

This is a public campsite located at Seronera area just few kilometers east of tourist information Centre. The campsite is well sheltered from wind making the area have less cold during the night hours. It is a tent only camp with several facilities like the kitchen and a dining hall also a modern toilets and cold shower. People can camp here at any time of the year but even better during July to December during the great wildebeest migration.

Pimbi campsite.

The campsite is located at seronera and it can host several group of travelers this camp has facilities like the toilets, bathroom and the dining area. During the night animals do cross the area one can be lucky to hear the lions from the nearby.

Apart from the public campsites in Serengeti National park has special camps too and also fancy hotels and lodges to accommodate as many tourist as possible who prefer to spend a night or two in Serengeti National.

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