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Welcome to Alpine Chat Adventure

Alpine chat adventure is a local safari and trekking tour company based in Tanzania, completely locally owned made up of team of travel professionals and experienced with passion and commitment towards adventure for Mount Kilimanjaro trekking, wildlife safaris and other holiday trips in Tanzania.

Over the years, we have provided countless remarkable experience of authentic Africa. We have changed thousands of lives by introducing tourists to the continents that brought the happiness, learning’s and priceless memories. We are proud of having highly successfully rate of client satisfaction for flexible packages which suit all budgets and preferences of clients, why travel with us, safaris are once in lifetime experience so it makes sense to travel with the best. Alpine chat adventure has remained competitive in the industry for years as a result we have wealth of experience in providing a memorable lifetime experience in Tanzania East Africa.

The company is specialized in Tanzania wildlife safaris taking our clients to different breathtaking destinations like Serengeti plains, Ngorongoro crater, Tarangire n National Park, Manyara and so many others. Also Mountain trekking like Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru. Zanzibar holiday tours, cultural & Day trips tours.

About Us Alpine Chat Adventure

Alpine chat adventure was not always the top-rated company as it is of today. I Erick the founder and owner of the company first started Alpine chat Adventure as an idea in 2014 just the time I accomplished my bachelor degree in wildlife management at the college of African wildlife management mweka. I came out of the college passionate to open my own tour company but it was not an easy thing to own a tour company as I needed to have capital and more experience apart from the one I gained in my college studies. I could tell you at that time my goal was to do things better, shake up the industry, and so many adventurers ideas but I`d be lying, I was young and looking forward to make living. I decided to work as a tour guide in different tour company and specialized as professional safari guide and Mount Kilimanjaro guide. Good news!!!!! Guess what, I got the experience and knowledge of how other tour operator runs their business.

The very beginning of Alpine chat adventure was in January 2017 when I was up the Mount Kilimanjaro at Barafu camp 4673m/15,295ft and I spotted a little birds in front of my tent that had a short tail and long legs. I was curious to know the bird because it was very social as it approached people very close where we camped. The bird’s name is Alpine chat also known as the moorland chat or hill chat is a specie of songbird and endemic to north-east Africa where it is common in its habitat. It habituates at high altitudes on moors and grassland, usually above 3400m (11,100ft).

I loved the bird and I decided to name my company after the bird’s name which is Alpine chat Adventures. The same year with the great support from my family and especially my mother Emmy I decided to register the company in Tanzania government as a Tour operator. Because I was born and raised at the foothills of mount Kilimanjaro I the decided to locate the company’s office at my home town. It was a miracle and hopefully prayers and blessings from my mom because the moment I finished registering the company I received many travelers and always gave out positive remarks from the services we provided. Today Alpine chat adventure is a top-rated company serving hundreds of travelers each year. Our focus is tailor-made tours with a responsible approach, personalized and enriching experiences together with benefiting the local community, wildlife and conservation efforts of the country.

Alpine chat adventure has been leading top quality expeditions up Mount Kilimanjaro. As one of the most highly rated companies in responsible travel, the health and safety of our clients and fair treatment of our crew are our top priorities. Together with our high summit success rate, please join us and stand on the Roof of Africa with Alpine chat adventure.


  • Guides certified as Wilderness First Responders
  • Twice daily health monitoring
  • Pulse oximeter and emergency oxygen on every climb

  • Socially and environmentally responsible
  • Long-time member of Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project
  • Fair and ethical treatment of all mountain crew
  • No waste left behind

  • Expedition grade alpine sleeping tents
  • Stand-up dining tents with durable tables and chairs
  • Hygienic private toilets
  • Four-season, warm, cozy sleeping bags

  • Licensed, professional and trained guides
  • Ratio of 1 Guide per every 2 Travelers
  • Years of experience on the mountain
  • Social, fun-loving personalities
  • Alpine chat adventure as a Tanzania safari specialist in order to make sure we create an experience for long lasting memory.


  • Comprehensive knowledge, skill and passion
  • Experts in wildlife, ecosystems and the locations you’ll visit
  • Years of practical experience
  • Trained to take you off the beaten path


  • Tailor-made itineraries for each traveler
  • Completely flexible and able to customize your trip to suit your time, budget and interests.
  • Itineraries catered to the season.
  • Our Travel Experts give unbiased advice about where to stay.


  • Maximum flexibility, comfort and wildlife viewing
  • Set your own agenda with your guide
  • 360 degree viewing through roof hatch, Large windows
  • Outfitted with charging stations, cooler box and Coffee box.
  • Vehicles built for rough safari roads, Spire tires and having duty jack


  • No mileage restrictions
  • Gain access to quiet areas of the parks
  • Spend time away from the most populated spots
  • Giving back to the community
    Alpine chat adventure has always been aware of the need of sharing the benefits realized from our tour operations with the Tanzania community which we are part of, we tried to quietly support the local community in our own small way, with no intention whatsoever for public relations. By supporting us as a local business all our tours benefit the local communities our support is directed towards fair wages and charitable outreach programs such as healthcare, education, drinking water, food relief and the environment conservation. The focus has been to support the difficulty and those in need, through charitable organizations or by directly assisting individuals and groups. The company also works to create employment opportunities for local porters and guides so as to eradicate poverty. As part of our commitment to responsible tourism and in appreciation for the beauty and inspiration Tanzania has given us, Alpine chat Adventure works with a variety of charitable organizations to give back. These charities are intended to help a wide variety of causes, from wildlife, human rights and education to the environment and conservation.

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