Why Trek Mount Kilimanjaro With Us?

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Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, the Rooftop of Africa, stands at an impressive 5,895 meters / 19,341 feet. The highest peak on the continent of Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, it is known for its many climates and beautiful glaciers blanketing the peak in glistening white ice.

With physical fitness and mental stamina, the summit can be successfully reached by anyone who attempts the trek. Alpine chat adventure has unmatched experience leading people to the summit of this impressive mountain. Using highly trained mountain guides, essential safety equipment and high-end camping gear, your journey up this mountain will be an adventure never to be forgotten.

Why Trek Mount Kilimanjaro With Us?

Alpine chat adventure has been leading top quality expeditions up Mount Kilimanjaro. As one of the most highly rated companies in responsible travel, the health and safety of our clients and fair treatment of our crew are our top priorities. Together with our high summit success rate, please join us and stand on the Roof of Africa with Alpine chat adventure.



·       Guides certified as Wilderness First Responders

·       Twice daily health monitoring

·       Pulse oximeters and emergency oxygen on every climb



·       Socially and environmentally responsible

·       Long-time member of Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project

·       Fair and ethical treatment of all mountain crew

·       No waste left behind



·       Expedition grade alpine sleeping tents

·       Stand-up dining tents with durable tables and chairs

·       Hygienic private toilets

·       Four-season, warm, cozy sleeping bags



·       Licensed, professional and trained guides

·       Ratio of 1 Guide per every 2 Travelers

·       Years of experience on the mountain

·       Social, fun-loving personalities


Private or Group?

A trek with us may be a private trek, reserved for your own individual party on any given date, or an open group trek, which are offered each week for different parties to join up to a maximum group size of 10 climbers.



Contact our team! We have been to all of the top Tanzania destination. Our Kilimanjaro & safari based adventure consultant will gladly share our travel tips and help you plan the trip